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Mbt Shoes and the Cellulite Fight

Have you heard about the new cellulite fighting shoe? They are MBT shoes (also known as Masai Barefoot Technology). You might be wondering how can shoes fight cellulite? I asked myself the same question and decided to do some research on this wonder shoe and the causes of cellulite. Together, I found that this may not be the solution for cellulite we all hoped for. Here's why:

What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite is primarily caused by genes and this is why it affects mostly women. Because men and women organize fat differently; most men don't develop cellulite. Unlike women, men organize their fat smoothly underneath their skin. This is because the connective tissue which holds their superficial fat runs parallel to their skin.

Women's bodies organize fat in connective tissue that runs perpendicular to their skin. This creates a "pulling down" effect that creates bumps in the skin's surface or what you see as cellulite.

Now what we know what causes cellulite let's understand why it is so hard to remove.

What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is superficial fat. That is fat which is located just underneath the skin. This area is the last to be affected by diet or exercise which is why weight management and cellulite reduction are two separate issues.

The fact that cellulite is superficial fat makes it so hard to remove. Today there are many alternatives to remove fat that is located in the deeper tissues of our body. Some options are liposuction, diet, and exercise. Most people assume that cellulite is like the rest of the fat in our body and think it can be reduced by traditional methods. They are wrong. You need specific cellulite treatments to remove cellulite.

Now let's see whether MBT Shoes are an effective cellulite treatment.

MBT Shoes and Cellulite

Before I discuss whether the MBT Shoes work to fight cellulite lets consider the factors that make an effective cellulite treatment. An effective cellulite treatment must target cellulite. This sounds simple, but many so-called cellulite treatment don't target cellulite but other fat in the body. Remember, cellulite is a special type of fat: superficial fat.

Therefore, cellulite treatments that really work must target superficial fat in the body. Effective ones I know of are mesotherapy, endermologie, and acoustic wave therapy.

How Do MBT Shoes Work?

The science behind MBT shoes is quite simple. They work by simulating barefoot walking and help you use muscles you normally don't use. Developers claim their shoes help work to melt fat, reduce varicose veins, cellulite and more. But where's the proof?

There have been some studies to test the alleged benefits of MBT but none involved treating cellulite. In fact there has been no published data to back these claims and most evidence is largely derived from testimonials. Because this information is based on testimonials alone, it's what scientists call "anecdotal data," or information that can't be tested or confirmed. Anecdotal data are highly subjective and unreliable.

Reflecting on the factors needed for an effective cellulite treatment the MBT shows none. How do they target superficial fat? It may sound reasonable to believe that the MBT shoes work to melt fat in the body because of the workout you get when walking but remember this fat is not cellulite. So if you are considering buying the MBT's to treat your cellulite think again. Your best bet are cellulite treatments which target superficial fat.

By: Roselee Stehle


Snow Bunny said...

I now have two pairs of MBTs and WOW DO THEY WORK FOR ME AND MY BACKSIDE!

First of all they make walking and being active so much more fun AND all the time I am wearing them I am strengthening and toning everything, it seems.

For me the MBT has really helped my posture, back ache and has (in only two months) nicely shaped my buttocks area as well --I just love these shoes!!

When I ordered my first pair it took forever for me to get the right size and a lot of back-and-forth shipping (not at my cost!) Now I go to where I get quickly professionally fitted and consulted...and can get a lot of no nonsense seems that all the MBTs run a little bit differently...on this site you can send in a tracing of your feet and they tell you exactly which size and which model they recommend for your feet!!!! said...

Endermologie and Liposuction

Dr. Marie Charlotte Cumin purchased LPG’s patented technology to bring patients in on a more regular basis and keep them coming back. Initially, I invested in LPG as a way to access an additional type of clientele, those who were not interested in surgery. Not only have my expectations been met, they have been exceeded. I have found, in addition to attracting new patients, the LPG equipment and Endermologie are extremely efficient when used in conjunction with liposuction. For example, I have seen an improvement in skin condition with my liposuction cases. I also use Endermologie during surgery to improve results in areas such as the inner calf and thigh where liposuction results tend to be unpredictable.

Dr. Cumin proposes a maintenance plan to her liposuction patients involving the LPG treatment. For the first two months following surgery, the plan calls for ten treatment sessions, with one session per month after that. Women are more and more demanding now, she explains, ``The supplemental treatments improve the results of their surgery and undeniably increases their level of satisfaction.`` In those cases where patients are dissatisfied with liposuction results, Dr. Cumin has also found LPG to de of great benefit. Instead of performing a second surgical procedure for which she must bear the cost, Dr. Cumin now initiates billable Endermologie treatments and claims it is a solution that satisfies both the patient and the physician.

LPG’s patented system of aspirated hypodermal mobilization is ideal for use in conjunction with liposuction. Though the procedure is simple enough for a trained nurse or technician to execute, its multiple applications used before, during and after liposuction, as well as the benefits of its whole body approach, can greatly improve results.

The unique non-invasive technique offered by LPG softens connective tissues. When used before liposuction, the procedure will facilitate penetration and movement of the canula. By stimulating the natural absorption and elimination functions, LPG’s technique also significantly reduces recovery time. Once purified and decongested, tissues can be stimulated so that their natural elasticity is restored. Specific mobilizations aimed at dynamic and repetitive stretching of the elastin fibers will tone the tissues that had been distended by fat or liquid overloads for too long. LPG not only enhances the benefits of liposuction, which are restricted to specific localized areas, but provides the physician with a practical method for treating the whole body.

With this approach, physiological as well as cosmetic benefits are extended, enhancing the efforts of the physician and giving the patient an increased sense of satisfaction. Besides the clinical experiments that have demonstrated the efficiency of the LPG technology, countless physicians and patients can testify to its results.

Reference: Endermologie Journal issue 1

Big Ed said...

I believe MBT trainers are making one simple statement: that we are getting lazy with our postures. If you look back at the older movies, people held themselves better. Look at dancers and models. We normal, everyday people need a shoe to force us to remember what good posture is and how to hold it up and in. I think this is the simple message MBT trainers are passing along.

Kat said...




Kat said...

Last year our personal friend and inventor of the MBT, Karl Mueller, departed from his MBT kingdom in order to pursue other inventions and creations. At first we felt that this would not at all have an impact on the MBT product, which seemed to be at such a high quality and outstanding level. Nor did we feel it would impact the company's business units as Karl had partnered his brand with many excellent people worldwide.

On the business side we were wrong: immediately MBT's US subsidiary in Idaho (our direct business partner for the brand) was completely reorganized and new managers were hired, most of whom had made their previous careers in the low end and discount shoe businesses.

Their first move was to completely change the MBT product line: out with the old and in with the new. Even more significantly, on the product side we were unfortunately also wrong: having recommended, fitted and sold over 5,000 pairs of the entire MBT product line since 2004 from both our brick & mortar and our online virtual stores, it quickly became apparent to ourselves and to our customers that most of the MBTs produced after Karl's departure were not even close to what we had become accustom to...

In particular, starting in November 2007 we began receiving a plethora of complaints from customers that their MBTs were wearing out -- of the outsoles and collapsing Masai sensors -- already after only three weeks of usage (on is a picture study of the outsole of the MBT Sport comparing the older and the newer product executions).

Since then we have also wear-tested many of the new Spring 2008 MBTs and, also unfortunately, the results have been extremely poor: POOR FIT, COLLAPSING MASAI SENSOR, PREMATURE & COMPLETE OUTSOLE WEAR, LACK OF STABILITY, EXTREMELY HEAVY... And as a result somewhat reluctantly, we have now decided to no longer sell the MBT in our store until (hopefully) the former quality of this once-great-product has one day been completely restored.

Just as we had been so enthusiastic in communicating and promoting the MBT brand when it was in its prime, we hope you understand our decision that we can not support any of our former efforts, convictions and recommendations based on the poor product quality issues present in almost all of the current MBT products. Quite frankly, there is no way we could recommend & sell the MBT in its current execution FOR OVER US$ 200!!! and expect our customers at all to continue to take our advice and recommendation seriously.

To conclude, it appears that even more significantly than driving the MBT creation and innovation, Karl Mueller, during his time at the company, was successful in maintaining the MBT shoe's high execution standard of quality production. With him no longer involved, we are convinced that the MBT is no longer what it once was... and that anyone who has been as involved with the MBT as closely, as thoroughly and as long as ourselves is similarly in complete agreement with our position.

Helen said...


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Best Regards,

Justin said...

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